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NaruHina Secret Lovers: Ch 1
Secret Lovers
"I won't let you lay another finger on Naruto!"
The words Hinata spoke so firmly as the dust settled around her feet, Pein's feet screeching to a halt a few meters away.
"What're you doing here!!? Get out of here! You're no match--"
"I know" Hinata interrupted me, her abrupt answer shocking me briefly.
"I'm…just being selfish…"
What the hell could she be thinking? Was she TRYING to get killed?
"What're you talking about!? What're you doing here!? It's dangerous!!"
My words seemed to bounce right off her, the shy girl that had always stuttered whenever she spoke, had a look of dead seriousness about her.
"…" she seemed to be trying to say something to me…
"I'm here of my own free will." The determination in her words puzzled me, what was she thinking standing there staring at the monster who destroyed our village straight in the eye?
"…I used to always cry and give up…I nearly went the wrong way"
"But you…you showed me the right way…
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"Naruto! get up!"
Naruto lazily shook his eyelids and lugged his body out of bed he looked over at sakura.
"Man you're such a pain in the rear end, Naruto" Sakura mumbled as she walked away.
Naruto went over and pulled on his clothes.
What will I do today? Naruto thought.
slowly Naruto kneeled down and picked up his bath-house robe.
He walked down from his dorm room and met Kiba in the Main Hall.
"Hey, Naruto! you don't already have a chuuin partner yet, DO you?" Kiba asked.
"Nope! wait! A PARTNER?!?!?"Naruto blurted out.
"DUH! hey if you don't have one Hinata's the only one left." Kiba said as he walked out the door.
Naruto headed on to the bath house. There he got in and swam around a bit.
         As he was swimming he came across someone else. This body was so elegant so tender and round. Naruto swam closer. It was indeed a girl Naruto suddenly knew who it was and he dashed out.
"A MERMAID A MERMAID"Naruto shouted. He explained every det
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Sorrow's poem Naruhina
My tears of snow.
Snow white sorrow, as I listen I hear his cries.
Ice covers his body as he walks through that white blanket.
His hands tied to his back, his deep blue eyes have lost their luster.
Pain evidence on those marks, those blood covered marks.
Snow white sorrow he sings. Why does life play with him like this? His feet fall beneith his wieght.
Rain beats him with it's icey sting, it's whip of water's wrath.
That reminds me, he once sang a song to those sins. Wrath, lust, glutany, envy, greed and the worse...pride.
May that be the world's reason for it's hate towrads him? Because his inner demon have commited these sins?
Snow white sorrow my poor boy feels. What do they have againset him? He saves their pathetic lifes everyday! He risk his life everytime he leaves on a mission.
A snow white sorrow my blonde sings as he clenches his fist in the raining night. His demon tries to stop his good deeds.
Tears of his snow white sorrow he sings as he lies there movtionless. Please ple
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